Our Company

  • Est 1996

    Cannabis Drinks Inc was established in 1996 in Hermosa Beach, California, offering delivery to South Bay residents who had a doctor's recommendation to use medical marijuana.

  • Products

    Our first product was Marijuana Market's Original Lemonade. Now we offer more than 20 beverage products including sodas, energy drinks, juices, smoothies, and sparkling water.

  • Business

    Today our brands are available worldwide through distribution partnerships and licensing agreements. We are committed to providing quality cannabis-infused beverages. If you are looking to partner, please contact us.

Our products are made in the great state of California from natural ingredients.

Cannabis Drinks Inc has facilities in Mendocino County and Ventura County, California.

Our Brands

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Cannabis Drinks Inc


888 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017